There are so many new startups going on and many newcomers also want to be an entrepreneur in the future.

But they do not know that before focusing on different departments on your products like production, manufacturing, HR, accounting, the administration you must learn marketing. These are all the expenses of a company and don’t provide an immediate return on investment.


According to me, the key factor to lead a company towards success and profitability is Marketing.

Yes! You heard it right. To get more revenue out of your business, you should focus on the marketing.

Lots of people think that marketing is sales and advertising. But it doesn’t look like this. 

Sales and advertising is just a part of marketing.

Marketing is a very vast topic which every entrepreneur or a newcomer in the business field should learn before setting up other things. People outsourcing their marketing strategies to the marketing agencies on which I do not agree. An owner or CEO should know the marketing skills so that it will understand the behaviour of their own consumers. Agencies just tell you the laws and different ways of marketing to accomplish your goals. They cannot tell you about the stats.

Marketing is the first step even before creating a product or service. An entrepreneur must keep in mind that the product should fit their consumers. .

Are you getting my point?

Everyone wants to be no. 1 in their category of products or services. But a person should understand, initially there is always less possibility to get success with a new launched product. We should think like a consumer to sell our product to the consumer. 

Marketing is not just selling the product. Customer satisfaction should be the priority. If you develop trust and give them excellent services even after sales then you don’t need to market your products, a great product sells itself.

Marketing strategies

A loyal and satisfied customer gives you 100 new customers by word of mouth marketing but 1 unsatisfied customer takes 1000 customers away from you.

If you are not the no.1 then be the only one. 

Let’s understand with an example. 

Everybody heard about Whatsapp messenger. It is an app through which we message to other people to whom we want to connect. 

Right now, there is no app like whatsapp especially in India which is that much popular.

When we want to message someone then we can’t say something like “message on a cross-platform messaging app”. 

We say whatsapp him or her.

Facebook users are more than the whatsapp users nowadays and it also has its own messenger but people use whatsapp as their primary messenger app.

Till the 20th century, People relied only on traditional marketing methods like t.v. ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, banners, etc. But the time has changed.

Today digital marketing also comes into play in terms of marketing of a product.

Now we are going to talk about the importance of digital marketing as well as traditional marketing to run a profitable and successful business.

Traditional marketing VS Digital marketing

India has over 50% of its population underneath the age of 25 and over 65% beneath the age of 35.

online marketing, Digital marketing

Young means energy, educated, passionate towards their goals, volunteering, more ideas, growth in the economic sector, purchasing power, technology, more startups. 

The young population of India is moving towards the internet world, social media, e-commerce, blogging. Most of the students as well as entrepreneurs are learning DIGITAL MARKETING skills because this is the need of the hour. 

If you are an entrepreneur or even a shopkeeper in a city like Delhi and Mumbai, you should learn the basic skills of digital marketing like making a website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing ( SEM), facebook ads to drive more customers to buy your products and taking the advantage of your services.

You just need a laptop or a PC and an internet connection.

Isn’t it great!

If I talk about some numbers, till 2020 there are approximately 700 million (70 crore) of the indian population who use the internet across the country. 

So, you can think that how technology influences the way of marketing.


These numbers will grow exponentially and more people will be influencing towards digital marketing.

It doesn’t mean that traditional marketing loses its existence. Basics would be the same. Digital marketing is just a method of marketing. 

For example: 

A toy will always be a toy for a new born baby whether he was born 100’s of years ago or born 100’s of years later. The upcoming children who come also consider today’s toy as their toy which is used in today’s world. They cannot play with real guns, real trains, real trucks. 

I hope you guys have understood.

Even today, lots of companies only focus on T.V. ads, newspapers ads, flex banners. 

Bikaji is a brand on which I talk, to explain the importance of traditional marketing even in today’s world.

Bikaji Foods International Ltd. company deals in namkeen, bhujia, snacks, and sweets.

This company was established in 1995 and all the marketing activities are done through t.v. ads, flex banners and newspaper ads. 

Marketing totally depends upon the category of the product and the customers related to it. 

Now, I am going to talk about a company which only does digital marketing to attract its customers.

A company named BEWAKOOF.COM who deals in printed T-shirts.

It is a company which totally relies on digital marketing. All its sales come through digital medium like their own website, social media, whatsapp.

No T.V. ads, no newspaper ads, no flex banners on the roads.

In digital marketing, you know your customers very well. You have all the data of your customers like their name, email-id, age, gender, what he/she likes, hobbies. If you have that much data, it is easier to find your targeting audience and sell your products or show facebook ads to those who are really interested in your products.

That is just awesome!

The CATT Marketing Funnel 

So, now you understand the basic concepts of digital marketing and importance of marketing, we are moving towards the CATT marketing funnel and framework.

To achieve anything, there should be a way to complete.

In digital marketing, CATT is a way to achieve sales numbers and build trust with the customers.

Wealth= n^CATT

n= Niche

C= Content

A= Attention

T= Trust

T= Transaction

If anyone wants to get wealthy in their journey of digital marketing then he/she should implement this marketing funnel.


First, you have to find your niche.

Niche is a term or a subject in which you are talented and passionate about. In which you can help others with your information, solve their problem.

For example: 

Suppose a person is passionate about fitness and he likes to educate people about fitness. Then fitness would be his niche. 

A niche should be specific like if a person likes animals but he likes dogs most in that animal category then he should write about dogs and give his perspective to other people so that others are also getting some information and knowledge.

  • Writing about animals is a vast niche whereas dog is a specific niche.
  • Writing about cars is a cast niche whereas writing on a particular brand’s car is something specific.

“If you are trying to do everything to everyone,

Then you will be nobody to everyone”

Find your niche

You should be equally talented and passionate about a topic to find an exact niche and should learn about how to market your niche in front of the people.

All the three things work parallel to each other.

Take your time and find a niche in which you can educate people and solve their problems.


If you find your niche then the next step would be writing good content.

Content is the king and your asset to attract customers to your business.

To write  better content, you guys can refer to the Deepak Kanakraju blog “how to write better content”. He is my mentor in digital marketing and he is the only one through which I am able to write this article for you guys.

I know it is not the easiest part to write content because you need to develop thoughts for it. But you will get a perspective after reading that blog.


If you are done with the content writing, then you need to attract people towards your website or blog. There are several ways to drive traffic to your blog.

  • Search Engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEM) aka Google ads
  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO) aka Facebook ads, instagram ads, twitter ads
  • Email Marketing


Building trust is the most difficult thing especially when you are a stranger to others.

Through your content, you can solve people’s problems and by doing this continuously you can easily build trust of your audience. 

Never leave your audience in the middle of their queries. 

If the audience believes that your content actually helping them and giving knowledge on a particular topic will enhance their trust towards you.


If you are successful building trust to your tribe or subscribers then they don’t have any issue to purchase your products and services even on the higher prices. 

Catt funnel

This is the full journey of your audience from being strangers to your loyal subscribers or customers. 

Integrated Digital Marketing Funnel

As the name itself shows integrated, it means that we should focus on all the aspects of digital marketing to reach an audience. 

Digital marketing have lots of module like:

SEO, Paid advertising via Google, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media.

The CATT marketing funnel is the journey of an individual customer which is executed through integrated digital marketing funnel.

Many of the businessmen or entrepreneurs directly run an ad on facebook and google and after that they complain about not getting their desired results or their products remain unsold. 

In the above flow chart, it is clearly mentioned that we should take the advantage of each and every module of digital marketing to get the traffic to our website and increase the sales.

For Example:

If I want to sell an e-book to the unknown audience, then through paid advertising I run ads on google on some targeted keywords, people end up signing on my website through their name and email id. 

After that I send them email regarding the content which is already on my website and give them a link to reach to my blog. If the content is problem solving to your audience then you will automatically build trust and let them do a transaction.

I also run facebook ads to get the traffic to my website and audience like my content and through this I build trust.

Paid advertising is kind of boosting the entire process of email marketing, SEO, social media, facebook ads. Since the entire momentum boosted, people will end up building trust with the content.

We need to use all the modules of digital marketing to get a relevant audience and quick results.

 It seems a little bit confusing in the beginning but we will get used to it while practising it in real conditions again and again.

                               Now, we are heading towards our last topic of this article which is related to building your personal brand.

The Power of Personal Branding

Building your own personal branding is the stairs to recognition and success in the world. 

If you are good at something and the world doesn’t know about it then the knowledge or skills you have are totally waste. 

For example:

Person A is the expert in a particular field and Person B also has knowledge but not more than Person A. But Person B has good communication skills and expresses his thoughts better in front of others than Person A. 

Nobody knows you without letting the world know about you even if you have lots of knowledge. 

If you market yourself as an expert in something then people will always recognise you better than the brands.

Make yourself a brand.

There is a youtuber in the tech field and his name is Gaurav Choudhary. He has more than 19 Millions of subscribers and his youtube channel name is Technical Guruji.

People don’t call him by his name, they call by his youtube channel name technical Guruji. This is called Personal branding.

Evolution of a personal brand

Mass trust blueprint

The above image shows that first you have to learn a new skill through concepts, facts and procedures. You should remember all you learn

  • Work: After learning new things implement them in the real world and practice those skills. You can use your skills in your job or in your startup.
  • Blog: When you learn a new skill and practice in the real world, then you can write a good blog based on your learning and experiences which you get through your job.
  • Consult: Through blogs, you can create your personal brand and people are going to know you as a brand. After becoming a brand, people will listen to you more carefully. You can consult the people you need for your consultation and charge them for the services you provide. 
  • Mentor: Mentoring others who want to become like you. People are finding those people who have achieved something in their lives. Through events, webinars we can engage people to make our brand more and more famous.

The conclusion of this article is that focus on learning about marketing before planning for your product and the different kinds of funnels to get success in your business.

Make yourself a brand to stand out in the market.

If you are finished reading till here it means that somewhere you like the content and it will add some value to you and your business. 

If you like the content or even not like, please let me know in the comment section below.

I will look forward to your comments.