About Me

Hey guys,

Tarun Sehrawat from Delhi, India.

I hope you all are doing great in your life.

I am glad that you are reading about me.

Well, if I talk about myself, then there is nothing much exciting for most people because people use to enjoy reading celebrities’ biography. That excites them.

So, let’s get started.

I am a passionate Digital Marketer and also a fitness enthusiast.

When I was in my school days, I wanted to be a cricketer. By the way, I was really good at playing cricket and so passionate about it. My family didn’t support me to got admission to any cricket academy to nurture my talent.

After school, I went to college to study business management but as usual, I was just an average student and I passed college in 2015 with second division.

I never plan my future while studying at school or college. Neither my parents told me to do something because they are no much educated, like what you should do in your career.

At my friend’s suggestion, I got admission to a digital marketing institute to learn about digital marketing in 2016 but I didn’t take it very seriously. After completion of the course, I gave so many interviews but every time due to my bad communication skills and verbal English skills, I got rejected every time. Then I said to myself, leave digital marketing it is not for me. I will never get into this profession again.

I wasted an entire year (2017) without doing anything. Then I got a job in 2018 in Genpact (BPO) and my profile was accounts receivable. My parents supported me financially at that time so time went well without any problem.

In 2019, I got married to my beautiful wife, and my life coming on track. She suggested me to leave my job and try to prepare for IELTS. I got a decent band score and able to get admission to government colleges in Canada. But again, my destiny didn’t work for me and due to corona and some financial crisis, I dropped the plan to study abroad.

After that, she suggested to me that, why you wouldn’t do digital marketing even though you also have some knowledge about it. I think over her words and decided that let’s start the journey again in digital marketing.

We plan to do something but life has something else for us. If we are running out from a situation then life will put it in front of you and make you realize that this is the path on which you should continue to walk for a successful career.

I joined an internship program from Deepak Kanakaraju sir AKA DigitalDeepak in the corona period and I found it more interesting as I used before in 2016 and slowly I increase my passion for it.

Right now, I am nurturing my digital marketing skills by learning and working and giving knowledge to other people who are really want to learn digital marketing.

I know my journey wouldn’t excite you but you should learn something from me that we need to find our passion as soon as possible and follow it till the situation allows.

Plan your career as early as when you are in your school or college days because it would be difficult to figure out what you should do in your career ahead after you passed your college.

I hope you like my story and it positively impacts you.